Recording Interface

Currently we are running a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX, Clarret Octopre and a Behringer Ultragain ADA800 giving 24 channels of 24 Bit Hi Res Audio. This is all connected to a Mac Mini Server which is running the most recent updated version of Protools 2018

There is also a vast array of Proffesional Plugins available . 

These include The Full Waves SSL and API plugin bundles along with many other Waves plugins. The complete Steven Slate Plugins that are available ( Slate VMS will be coming soon) Many plugins from Izotope, Sound Radix, Sonarworks and many more. There are also a large amount of Virtual instruments available to add that extra touch to your recordings.



We have a massive selection of Microphones which are Ever growing to ensure that we capture the best possible sound from every source.

Aston Origin

Aston Spirit

Aston Starlight Matched Pair 

Rode NT2A

Shure PG81 pair

Behringer C-4 pair

MXL 440

ART AR5 Ribbon Mic

Shure SM57's

Shure SM58's

Audix i5's

Audix OM7

t-bone beta 57 clones

Audix D2 Drum tom mics

Audix D4 Floor Drum Mic

Audix D6 Bass Drum Mic

AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic

This list is ever growing 


Aswell as having the recording equipment we also have instruments that can be available to you here is a list of just some of the instruments available.

PRS Custom 24

Fender Custom shop Strat

Musicman JP6

Taylor 814CE

Washburn EA18

Crafter Electro Classical

Eko Ranger vintage 12 string

Traben Array Neo limited edition (customised)


Vox Combo

Tech21 Flyrig

Positive Grid Bias Amps

A massive selection of guitar effects also.